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Using TractorFab's John Deere Weights

Here are some tips on installing TractorFabs new John Deere weights.  We had originally planned on offering replacement cast front weight brackets, but after doing several installations, it was decided that this wasn't necessary.

Step 1.:  Remove the front cast on weights, being carefull to leave the weight bracket.  We used a razor saw, and cut the front of the weights off first, cutting right at the front of the cast on bracket line.  Then we cut the tops of the remaining weights off, followed by the bottom, being careful to make the remaining piece the correct thickness for the new TractorFab weights.

Step 2.:  Test fit a single weight to the cast on bracket, making sure you can slide a weight all the way across without interference.

Step 3.:  Glue the weight stack together carefully.  In this picture we used two kits.  We found that it is easier to glue two complete kits back to back prior to cutting off of the tree.  This greatly helps with alignment of the weights to each other.  Test fit the complete stack to the tractor.

Step 4.:  Paint the weights, and install.  Touch up the paint on the tractor as well.

The conversion is complete!

Use the same process for older style weights as well.  Remove the tires while cutting, and apply tape to the front of the hood to prevent any accidental  cuts or scratches to the paint.

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If you have comments or questions, feel free to contact us. Please read our FAQ page first, as it might help with your questions.
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