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1/64 Door Latches, 9 pair


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1/64 scale tractor door latches, three styles. Designed from .008" stainless steel so no finishing is required in most applications. Covers most door latch styles from '60s to present.


Item #104, Door Latches
1. This kit includes three door latch styles. Style “A” is suitable for IH 86 and 88 series, as
well as Stieger Series III & IV. Style “B” is suitable for many tractors built from the ‘80’s
onward, and Style “C” is suitable for many early tractor cabs from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. Refer
to photos for proper selection.
2. In most cases, the latch will remain silver. If not, paint accordingly.
3. Remove existing door latches. This may be a decal, or cast on detail. If cast, carefully use
a Dremel® Tool, or a file to remove.
4. Install latch. Style “A” glues on flat. Style “B” and “C” must be pin mounted. Drill 1/64”
holes for mounting pins.


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