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Using TractorFab's John Deere Weights

Here are some tips on installing TractorFabs new John Deere weights.  We had originally planned on offering replacement cast front weight brackets, but after doing several installations, it was decided […]

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Guide to taking Great Model Photos

A great way to share your finished models is with photos.  While you can always snap a quick one with your smart phone, taking quality photos isn't hard.  Here are […]

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Assembling a TractorFab Torch Kit

The other night, we put together a TractorFab torch kit.  The assembly time here took about an hour, not including paint.  Lets review how it went! Here is our tool […]

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Carpet Farm Repairs

"Carpet Farming" can be severly hazardious to farm toys.  Kids are hard on things, and repairs are often necessary.  How many times have you found that your child, (or younger […]

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