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 - We are now offering products by CanaDakota, Kulak Custom Kits, and Moore Park Model Works

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Precision Farming in 1/64 Scale

Products And Services Dedicated To Custom Building Model Trucks And Farm Equipment

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Dealer for First Gear diecast and Tonkin Replicas 1/64 diecast. Contact for inventory list

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CanaDakota chrome 10 hole rear duals 1/64 set

Canadakota 10 hole chrome rear duals rims with tires . 1 set is 2 inner, 2 outer rims and 4 tires with axle rod. Rims will have to be glued […]

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Canadakota 10 hole front steers chrome 1/64 set

Canadakota front steer regular 10 hole chrome rims with tires . 1 set is 2 rims and 2 tires. The axle hole is small so it may require drilling out […]

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Canadakota 2 hole rear drive wheels white 1/64 set

Canadakota regular drive 2 hole white rims with tires . 1 set is 2 outer rims, 2 inner rims and 4 tires. Axle hole is small so it may require […]

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New Items

Semi Deck Plate "Slot & Bar" pattern

Plated deck plate with "slot & bar pattern.  Kit includes 10 piece section.  Overall size is just a touch over 1/2" wide, x 2-3/8" long.  Snap off desired number of […]

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1/64 Super Single Front Float Rims with tires, 1-Pair, 10 hole Aloca Style

Minimal amount available out of the NOS vault thus the limit of 1 set per order. Canadakota - Single Set of rims with off road tread pattern super single tire. […]

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1/64 Freightliner Cabover Detail Kit

Detail kit to fit DCP Freightliner Cabover.

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Recent Posts

Using TractorFab's John Deere Weights

Here are some tips on installing TractorFabs new John Deere weights.  We had originally planned on offering replacement cast front weight brackets, but after doing several installations, it was decided […]

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Guide to taking Great Model Photos

A great way to share your finished models is with photos.  While you can always snap a quick one with your smart phone, taking quality photos isn't hard.  Here are […]

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  • The detail is amazing and adds the necessary realism I require for my modeling projects.

    Jason Kreiser

  • TractorFab's detail kits bring 1/64 scale farm toys to a whole new level of realism.

    Lee Johnson

  • Tractorfab's parts and kits are the best.... Their photo etched parts are very detailed and accurate.

    Brian Long

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