Project Page

Here are some projects that TractorFab customers have done, and shared with us. If you have a project that features TractorFab components, and would like to have it listed here, send us an email with photos and a description for consideration.

TractorFab FreeStall row by Joeseph Neufeld
Joeseph Neufeld
Massey Disc by S&W Farms
Chris Steeb of S&W Farms
Ford 8600 by TractorFab
Jacob Larson's Steiger Trail-R-Disc using TractorFab's 26" blades
Honey Bee Header Reel by Brent Unrau
Brent Unrau
Brent Unrau's Shop
Brent Unrau
Finished windmill before weathering
JD 7400 by Dan Wellskopf
Dan Wellskopf
IH Tandem Disc by Tom Truhe
Tom Truhe
Shop by Dan Krueger
Dan Krueger
Custom NH by Chad Garber
Chad Garber
Ford F250 by Christian Oyster
Christian Oyster
White 2-155 by Tim Mattson
Tim Mattson
Orthman SP5000 Root Slicer by Tim Mattson
Tim Mattson
Tony Dixon
Custom Pete by Mike Ellefson
Mike Ellefson