1/64 Wilson 36' Foreman Triaxle Gooseneck Trailer Kit

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TractorFab 36' Wilson Foreman Kit
TractorFab 36' Wilson Foreman Prototype
TractorFab 36' Wilson Foreman Prototype
Price: $64.95

1/64 Wilson 36' (floor length) tri-axle Foreman trailer kit.

Kit includes all components to build a complete trailer as follows:

  • fully etched stainless steel side panels available in two versions (Wilson "D" punch on top, & "K" punch on bottom).
  • full injection molded roof & nose piece, with accurate profiles.
  • Etched frame with under carriage detail.
  • Accurate wheel rims with center caps.
  • Free rolling rubber tires.
  • Operating swing/slide rear door (Wilson "E" style) with seprately applied latch detail.
  • Injection molded front jack stand.
  • Accurate Wilson Graphics & warning labels.
  • Visible ceiling ribs.

Interior detail kit available separately