Header Reel Kit - 6 Bat Open Star Style

Honey-Bee Header by Brent Unrau
Finished reel comparison with Ertl reel by Brent Unrau
TractorFab 6 Bat Open Star Head Rendering
Prototype 6 Bat Open Star Head
TractorFab 6 Bat Open Star Head
TractorFab 6 Bat Open Star Head
SKU: 228
Price: $24.95

What it is:

This is a 6 bat (hexigon) style header reel with open frame center support stars.  This style of reel matches current model Honey-Bee, New Holland, and some very recent Case IH style heads on both combines and swathers.  Also the correct design for older Massey Ferguson heads, such as the 9118 shown above.


What you get:

This kit includes everything you need to build up to a single 45' reel, or up to two smaller (20') reels:

1 - 8" long center pipe

1 - 1/16" stub end shaft (cut as needed)

1 - Bat and Sickle fret set - you get 2 full 45' long sickles, and 7 45' long bats!

2 - Support Frame Set - Intermediate stars (10) and end panels (4)


How to build it:

We recommend using TractorFab Kit #259 Reel Fixture to assist in building this kit.  This kit is very delicate, and can be soldered or glued together.  Adapt to an existing head, or scratch build your own.

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