Custom Implements by Jacob Larson

Jacob Larson has been scratch-building custom implements for a number of years.  His construction methods utilize resin casting, 3D printing, and other components.  All of the hydraulic cylinders on Jacob's creations operate, allowing each model to be folded & unfolded, as well as raised and lowered.  Jacob has been a great customer for us, using all of our disc blades, purchased in bulk.  Jacob won 1st place in St Louis this year with his latest creation - a Steiger Trail-R-Disc.


View more of Jacob Larson's work in this Toy Tractor Times Video!

Jacob Larson's Steiger Trail-R-Disc using TractorFab's 26" blades
Jacob Larson with his customs at the 2014 St. Louis Show
Jacob's 1st Place win at St Louis 2014 - a Steiger Trail-R-Disc
Jacob Larson's Wil-Rich Soil Pro
Jacob Larson's IH 496 Disc with TractorFab 20" Blades
Jacob Larson's Wishek 892 Disc with TractorFab 30" Blades