Ford 8600

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We recently completed this Ford 8600 for a friend.  This tractor started out as a kit from Moore's Farm Toys.  The castings in this kit are very nice overall, however we did a few modifications.  The kit doesn't include wheels, so we chose the rear tires off of the Spec Cast 1206.  Not much painting was required on these, except the center hubs.  The fronts were from an Ertl implement.


To improve the front end appearance, we modified the grill to get the proper "flanged" look by wrapping the outer edges with .030" square styrene stock.  The grill is a modified TractorFab 856 grill, trimmed down and turned sideways.  A custom front weight bracket was made from brass strip, and TractorFab Ford Weights were added.


The decals are from Bossen Implement.

Ford 8600 by TractorFab