Links very valuable source for farm toy news, online magazine, and forums.  The farm toy magazine!  Makers of finely detailed farm equipment models, scratch built, as their name suggests, from brass stock and resin castings. A good source of metal detail parts for tractors, and implement kits.  Suppliers of brass and aluminum tubing and other shapes.  The also offer cutting services, with no burrs. Generally a source for model railroad supplies, they also carry a large range of tools and scratchbuilding supplies Here are some recommendations: Pin Vise (hand drill): A wonderful source for small hobby tools. Here are some recommendations:


Photo Etch Cutting tool:,7724.html Pin Vises (hand drill):,6730.html #74 Drill Bit:,6657.html #78 Drill Bit (1/64"):,6661.html Makers of photo etched model car parts, they also provide small wire - great for simulating hydraulic hose. Check out their "detail" (1/2" scale diameter) wire and "ignition" (3/4" scale diameter) wire.

  Another custom builder for some of less common farm replicas not available elsewhere. Two Scale Fabrications builds there replicas from styrene and  photo-etched parts.


Here is an great example of photo-etched modeling, and the ability to recreate fantastic detail at a minature level.  This project is simply amazing - a masterpiece.