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tractoradmin's blog

Headache Racks are in!

Our new pickup headache racks are now in stock!  We are very excited about this product!  Find them in the new "Pickup Truck Parts" section of our catalog.  We will have other new products to follow shortly!

1-12-2011: Website Updates

We have updated our website.  We simplified our catalog section to make it easier to find parts - hopefully this is an improvement.  Also, check out our Knowledge Center at the bottom of the menu.  We will add to this section from time to time - use it as another source for modeling tips and ideas.

1-12-2011: Updated Bin Platform Kits

Grain Bin Platforms are back in stock.  These have been retooled, and the new version is much easier to bend!  A single pair of pliers will get these formed up in a jiffy!  Our apoligies to those of you who had trouble with the first batch.  If anyone ended up wrecking one while trying to form like I did, let us know.  We can send you a replacement.

1-1-2011: New Product Coming Soon!

Welcome to TractorFab's second calendar year!  Thanks to all of you who supported us in 2010.  We are excited to mention that we have some new product coming out later this month!  Some of these items have been requested on ToyTractorTimes, and some we mentioned at the National Show.  We will have details in about 2 weeks!

12-13-2010: FreeStalls

We have had a number of requests for freestall hoops.  We are considering this now, and would like your feedback.  If you would like to commit to purchasing some, send us an email, if you have not done so already.  We still need some up front commitments on these to make this project happen.  Here are the prices:


10 doubles - $10.50 (1.05 ea, .53 ea. single)
50 doubles - $47.50 (.95 ea, .48 ea. single)
200 doubles - $166 (.84 ea double, .42 ea single)


Hoops would be sold as doubles only, and would be 2.625" (14') wide.  

12-6-2010: 88 Series tractors detail sets available!

We now have detail sets available for the 88 series tractors.  These are offered in both painted and unpainted versions.  Instruction sheet coming soon.






12-1-2010: Grain Bin Platforms available!

TractorFab is now shipping our new Grain Bin Platforms.  We still have a few of the original batch in stock.  This design will be revised soon to make bending them into shape easier.  Instructions now available!  See the link below. 









10-1-2010: New Bin Fan Kits!:

TractorFab will have our new bin fan kits available shortly!  We are very pleased with this product.  More details soon!  Update - these are now available.  Here is a link:





9-20-2010: New TractorFab Dealers:

TractorFab now has several dealers who are selling our product.  While you are more than welcome to purchase directly from our website, sometimes it makes sense to combine your order with other products.  If you are interested in becoming a TractorFab dealer, send us an email for more information.



Link to our Dealers:  http://www.tractorfab.com/dealers

7-28-2010: New Item - #121 Hay Rake Wheels!


We are pleased to announce the availablity of our new hay rake wheels!  These are available in sets of 8 - 4 lefts and 4 rights.  They are made from .012" brass sheet, allowing them to be soldered. 



Link to Part:  http://www.tractorfab.com/products/121



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