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tractoradmin's blog

New "Chrome" parts now available!

TractorFab is now offering a number of our items in a chrome finish.  This is not a true chrome plating, but rather an electropolishing process that give the parts an ultrafine finish and chrome appearance.  This provides the chrome look, without the chance of flaking or chipping.  


Here are our popular pick-up detail items now available in chrome:


Here is a test we did to check how it hold up under stress!:


Check them all out under our pickup section of our catalog!


1/64 Scale 88 series painted detail sets back in stock

We have finally had time and good weather, and were able to paint some of these kits again.  In stock, and available now!



Torch Kit update

For those of you who have tried out our torch kit, you know how tricky it is to drill the small holes in the tanks for the valves.  To make this a little easier, we are now having the tanks custom made from pewter to improve drilling.  The pewter tanks cost a bit more for us, but we felt the change was worth it to improve the product.  We are leaving the price the same.


We hope to have a photo journal on how to put this kit together sometime in the near future.

More new product

Here are a number of new items we have available now:

IH wheel weights, M-60 series

Case front Slab weights

Minneapolis Moline front weights

Ford Front Weights

Disc blade hangers


We have several more items coming in the next couple of months!

More New products from TractorFab!

TractorFab has a number of new products coming out in the next few weeks.  We are pleased to now have available the long awaited freestalls.  These are photo-etched, and not wire formed as originally proposed.  They are a scale 14' double stall.  Cut in half for a 7' single.

TractorFab FreeStall

Also just released are our new CaseIh Magnum Weights!  Sold in packages of 10, these match the original 7000 & 8900 series magnums.  Interestingly, these are also very similar to the Case 90 series of the late Seventies.  That version did not have a handle, or side releaf.  The Case 94 series and some of the original Magnums had a different weight, which we hope to offer at some later date.

TractorFabMagnum Weights

Welcome New Dealer S&W Farms!

TractorFab is pleased to announce our lastest dealer, S&W Farms.  While they will not be selling parts directly, they are a great place to go to have our kits installed, if you would rather not do them yourself.  Check out there website:




Here is a recent project by S&W Farms using some TractorFab productsSW Farms installation

New Brush Guards From TractorFab

We are pleased to announce the arrivial of our new brush guards made from stainless steel.  These complement our other pick up items nicely.  sometime in the future, we hope to offer this item in Chrome, and black.

Welcome New Dealer Burnett Farm Toys

We would like to welcome aboard Burnett Farm Toys as our newest dealer!  Thank you Chris Burnett for your support.  Burnett Farm Toys will be attending a number of shows, so if you get a chance, stop by and check out our products!


We have an exciting new product announcement coming next week, so stay tuned!

New Items

We have a few new items to offer once again.  First up is our Standi Wheel detail kits.  These simulate the detail found on many older tractors, including Versitile, Ford, Steiger, & AC.  Two different sizes fit Standi 18.4x38 & 20.8x38 rims, or the 18.4x42 & 20.8x42 rims.  Additionally, we are offering the hub details only as a separate kit.

TractorFab Rim Details




Also available now is our expanded metal material!  We are pretty excited about this one, something that a lot of you modelerers have needed for some time!

TractorFab Expanded Metal


More new items in stock!

We are once again pleased to announce new product available now.  These include:

Cultivator Shanks, 20 Pack.  Form these by hand using round stock of your choice.  Material bends easily, yet is stiff enough to hold the shape if handled carefully.


TractorFab Cultivator shanks


Plain Ladder Stock per request.  Use for silos, semi trailers, gravity wagons, or anything else that needs a plain ladder!  4-1/2" long.  Brass, package 2.


TractorFab ladder Stock


Updated Rake wheels as promised.  We halved the quantity, and the price, so you can more easily buy the quantity you need.  The outer edge is smaller, and the wheels are only attached with three tabs instead of four, so you can remove them easier!


TractorFab Rake Wheels

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